Important changes

Wagg has decided to change our rabbit and guinea pig foods to an “all in one” nugget. This will be gently phased in over a period of time to help your furry friends adjust to the new recipe.

We are giving you advance notice of this change to help you prepare your pets for this change and will be changing our formulation in two stages.

Firstly we will start to increase the proportions of the nuggets in the muesli mix. This means that your pet will naturally become more accustomed to eating the nuggets by having a larger proportion of them in their diet.

Phase two will be the switch to the “all in one” nugget product. This has been reformulated to provide a higher level of dietary fibre which is important within a rabbit and guinea pigs diet.

Why are we doing this?

Currently Wagg Bunny Brunch and Guinea Pig Crunch are muesli mixes. These mixes are composed of small nuggets made from cereals and grass (these contain the added vitamins and minerals that your rabbit or guinea pig needs to keep healthy), which are blended with a mix of flaked cereals, vegetables and fruit.

Single nugget diets are composed of similar ingredients but they are mixed together to be an ‘all in one’ product. Sometimes when rabbits or guinea pigs are fed a muesli diet, they can become prone to selective feeding, i.e. they choose the bits from the mix that they find most tasty and refuse to eat the other parts of the food. This can, over time, lead to an unbalanced diet.

Feeding an ‘all in one’ nugget can help with this by preventing the rabbit or guinea pig from picking out the tastier parts. This provides you with peace of mind that your pets are eating the complete mix of ingredients.

What are the advantages?

Along with the benefit of stopping selective feeding, our updated recipe will be a new formulation with some added beneficial extras. The nuggets will contain a higher level of fibre than the muesli mix. We will also add vitamin D which helps to maintain strong teeth, linseed which is rich in omega 3 oils to help to promote a healthy skin and shiny coat and a range of beneficial minerals.

All Wagg products still contain no artificial colours or flavours.

What are the disadvantages?

Sometimes it can take a while for pets to get used to a new food. This is why we are introducing our changes slowly to help them prepare for the new food. We recommend that the new food is introduced gradually over a period of one to two weeks to enable your pet’s digestion to adjust to the change. This helps to avoid digestive upset.

What else should I provide for my pet?

Rabbits and guinea pigs need access to unlimited amounts of fresh hay and water at all times. Hay is essential in their diets as it helps them to maintain a healthy digestion and encourages natural tooth wear.

You should also provide some fresh vegetables in their diets, such as broccoli, sprouts, celery, peas and their pods, cabbage, carrots and carrot tops. You need to make sure that each time you introduce something new that you only feed a small portion to prevent it from upsetting their digestive system.

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact us at