And the Winners are…

From building a fort from hundreds of cardboard boxes to filling a room entirely full of bubbles, check out below how we made our Every Dog Has Its Day competition winners’ dreams come true.

Tonka’s Dream Day

Cardboard boxes

Tonka’s dream day was a room of cardboard boxes to chew and play with, so we built him his very own GIANT box fort. Follow the link to see how you can make your very own canine castle.

Cotton’s Dream Day

Popping bubbles

Cotton dreamt of bubbles blowing around everywhere, so that’s exactly what we did! Does your furry friend love bubbles as much as Cotton? Share your photos of them in all their bubble glory on our Facebook page.

Bailey’s Dream Day

Sandcastle treats

Watch how Bailey got on when we made his dream day of playing in a giant sandpit come true! If your dog loves playing in the sand, have a read of our blog for activities that will make the most of your trip to the beach together.

Lola’s Dream Day

Bubble wrap fun

Ever seen a room filled entirely with bubble wrap? Watch the video to see how we made this come true for Lola. Share your photos of your pooch loving packaging over on our Facebook page!

Hugo’s Dream Day

Muddy tennis balls

Hugo adores muddy puddles. We made his doggy dreams come true by giving him a HUGE puddle to play in. Needless to say, things got messy. Watch the behind the scenes footage of how our dog groomer cleaned up this mucky pup after his dream day.