10 real dog life hacks

5th October 2017 in . by Wagg Foods Wagg Foods

Being a dog owner is a brilliant experience… for the most part. However, there are a few things that make life hard from time to time. From cleaning tips to training advice our list of life hacks will help you treasure every moment with your pooch.

LIFE HACK #1 – Rubber gloves pick up dog hair brilliantly.

LIFE HACK #2 – Cover up scratch marks on your wooden furniture with a walnut.

LIFE HACK #3 – Check for fleas by giving your pooch a rub down with a damp white towel. Any loose flea dirt that falls from your dog will be easy to see.

LIFE HACK #4 – If your dog has sensitive teeth, you can soften up their dry dog food by simply adding warm water.

LIFE HACK #5 – If your dog doesn’t like having his teeth brushed, squeeze some doggie tooth paste onto a rope toy and let him go at it. It’s a successful way to start desensitising your dog to having their teeth brushed.

LIFE HACK #6 – You never know when an accident might happen so it’s recommended to have a first aid kit on hand, just in case. Here’s a great list of basic items a pet first aid kit should include.

LIFE HACK #7 – Play fetch downhill to tire your dog out faster - this is ideal for high energy pets.

LIKE HACK #8 – If your pet is one for scoffing their food in record time, then put a ball in your dog’s bowl. It will mean they have to move the ball around the bowl to eat their meal.

LIFE HACK #9 – If it’s snowed and there is grit down, make sure you rub Vaseline on your dog’s paws to protect their feet. Always give them a wash once you’re home. If your dog licks his paws and ingests the grit he could be very ill.

LIFE HACK #10 - Sprinkle a little bit of fresh parsley onto your dog’s food to freshen their breath.

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