10 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best

20th March 2017 in . by Wagg Foods Wagg Foods

When they’re not rolling in something unmentionable, vacuuming up crumbs off the carpet and leaving muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor, we know dogs are the best friend we could ever wish for. Here are the top 10 reasons we’re dog devotees.

1.The joy on their face when you come home. The mad dash to the front door, the tail wagging frenzy? Dogs greet you like you’ve been gone for centuries – even when it was just a five-minute trip to the shop.

2.TV snuggles. Nothing beats a great drama on the telly, a cuppa and your arm around a furry companion. They don’t hog the remote, which is more than our two-legged companions can manage.

3.Their unwavering positivity. Dogs give great PMA (positive mental attitude) and find joy in the simplest of things. Car journeys, leaves blowing in the wind and even their own tail. Dogs we salute you!

4.Unconditional love. It is scientifically proven that dogs release a ‘love hormone’ oxytocin by interacting with people. They really do love us too!

5.Walkies. Not just good for the dogs, they benefit us too. Even when you really, really can’t be bothered to move, your furry friend will encourage you to get up for a trip outside and you always feel better afterwards.

6.Making friends. You may not know their name, just their dog’s name but you talk to everyone now.

7.Laughter. Dogs will give you something to laugh about every day. From giving you a pitiful look as you eat your steak for dinner, to falling off the sofa and farting at the most inappropriate moments, dogs will always lighten the situation.

8.Commitment. Owning a dog teaches you about responsibility, patience and commitment. They make us all-around better people as we strive to be the person our dog thinks we are.

9.Intelligent company. Despite their best efforts to convince us otherwise, dogs can be trained to do proper jobs as well as fancy tricks, and are able to read your state of mind based on your body language and tone of voice.

10.Healthier kids. Dogs make the best friends for kids, plus it’s scientifically proven that children develop fewer pet allergies and skin conditions if they grow up with a dog.

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