15 Funny Things Dogs Do For No Reason

11th May 2017 in . by Wagg Foods Wagg Foods

15 Funny Things Dogs Do for No Reason…

Dogs are smelly, weird and wonderful creatures, and sometimes we just can’t come up with an explanation for what they get up to. From the funny and annoying to the just plain weird, our lives wouldn’t be the same without our four legged friends and their odd little habits. See if you recognise any of these:

1.Use our feet as a comfy chair – why?

2.Refuse to eat a full bowl of food but go crazy just for one treat

3.Have a secret stash of things hidden under the sofa

4.Bring any house guest a ‘present’ (usually covered in dribble)

5.Go crazy when they see other animals on the TV

6.Drink from the toilet bowl instead of the lovely fresh water we’ve provided

7.Beg us to throw a toy but then put up a fight when we try to take it

8.Manage to take up a whole sofa so we have to sit on the floor

9.‘Sing’ (howl) along to the Coronation Street theme tune

10.Swap sides when begging for food at your lap in the hope that this will change your mind

11.Sleep on the floor next to the expensive, memory foam bed you bought

12.Refuse to give up the smelly, dirty toy they’ve had since they were a puppy

13.Move from person to person in a group demanding cuddles (needy or what?)

14.Put their wet nose in your ear/face/eye/hand

15.Lick you ear/face/nose/eye/hand

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