5 Ways to Treat Your Bunny this Easter

12th April 2017 in . by Wagg Foods Wagg Foods

It’s not all about the Easter bunny, the bank holiday weekend is the perfect occasion to spend lots of time with your pet rabbit and to give them some well-deserved bunny treats! Here are five ideas for ways to make your rabbit feel special this Easter.

1. Make them a DIY toy as an Easter present! First, get a plastic placemat and carefully make holes in it, then poke fabric strips through the holes secured with a knot, adding a few strips of fabric in each hole. Finally, hide treats between the fabric strips and let your bunny forage for them. Make sure you keep an eye on your pet while they play with their new toy.

2. Rabbits love to dig, so try getting your bunny a cardboard box that’s big enough to jump in and out of, fill it with scrunched up paper and watch your rabbit binky all day.

3. Bunnies are affectionate pets and love to be stroked. This Easter make sure to have a big cuddle session so your pet knows you love them.

4. The easiest way to make rabbits happy is to give them the right food, so while you’re tucking in to your Easter egg stash this weekend, treat your rabbit to Wagg Bunny Brunch.

5. How about a game of bunny bowling? Set up toy bowling pins in your garden and watch your bunny’s mischievous side come out as they knock them over. Remember to make sure your garden is safe and secure when playing with your rabbit outdoors.

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