Bunny body language explained

30th May 2017 in . by Wagg Foods Wagg Foods

Have you ever wondered how your rabbit is really feeling? They’re not like dogs; they can’t bark at us when they want some attention or wag their tails to let us know how excited they are, but their ears can give you a good idea about what mood they’re in.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common tell-tale signs based on what those bunny ears mean to below:


When your rabbit is alert, their ears point straight up, and their nose twitches rapidly. Your rabbit’s ears may also rotate independently to follow any noise.


A chilled-out rabbit’s ears rest at approximately 45 degrees to their body, and if he’s super relaxed his ears will lie all the way back so they’re rested on his shoulders.


When your rabbit is a little worried, it will fold its ears flat, spread them wide apart and point them back over its shoulders.


Rabbits are naturally curious animals, especially with any changes to their environment, so a rabbit with their ears forwards towards the object or sound means they’re investigating.


A happy rabbit has his ears close together facing slightly backwards. If a rabbit jumps into the air with all four paws off the ground and twists in mid-air before landing, they’re extremely happy bunnies!

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