As pet owners and responsible producers, the environment is important to us. Not just our local community and neighbourhood but on a global scale. At Wagg we monitor and aim to reduce our carbon footprint, our emissions and the use of resources.

Rabbits love wagg food

Our pet food is made in the UK and we aim to source our meat meals and cereals from local producers, reducing our transport miles and supporting the local community.

We do everything we can to reduce energy consumption and prevent waste. Our state-of-the-art machinery is energy efficient and we operate a Combined Heat and Power Plant. This generates our own electricity from natural gas and produces heat and steam for use in our production processes.

The CHP Plant has helped us to reduce resource usages and helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2014 we reduced our carbon footprint by 1,726 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of taking 575 cars off the road for the year! Zero waste from Wagg goes to landfill. We have a fully implemented waste recycling scheme in place and follow the ‘Waste Hierarchy’ model wherever possible.

Un-recycled waste is sent for treatment to generate electricity at nearby Ferrybridge Power Station. Any product that doesn’t reach our high quality standards is sent for anaerobic digestion, turning waste product into energy and natural fertiliser.

Bronze Award

In March 2016, Wagg achieved Bronze accreditation with Investors in the Environment. This ‘not-for-profit’ organisation monitors commitment to the environment. At Wagg we continually strive to improve our environmental performance with the aim of becoming a truly sustainable business.