Our Values

Wagg understands how important your pet is to your family because we’re a family owned and managed business. Our family dogs come into the office with us and help us make our decisions – in between cuddles and causing havoc!


At Wagg we think your pets deserve delicious, great quality food. We believe dogs do best when they’re fed proper quality pet food like Wagg. We implement a range of Food Safety and Quality Systems and we have lots of taste testers on hand to make sure our standards are kept high!


We don’t blind you with science. But you can rest assured we’ve got that side of things covered. We care about your pet and work with our in-house nutritionist, Emma, to ensure all Wagg foods have a balance of everything your pet needs. All our foods are formulated with a range of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pets fit and healthy whatever life stage they’re at.

Product development

When we create new pet foods we invite volunteers to taste test for us. The animals we work with are mainly our family pets or those of our Wagg fans. All taste testers remain in their normal surroundings eating out of their favourite bowls while they try the new formulas and they choose whether they want to eat them or not. They don’t have to wear napkins or make a reservation.

Wagg does not carry out, approve of or fund invasive animal testing.