Our Values

Wagg is a family owned and managed business. This means we can take a long term view about key areas such as investment in our colleagues, the machinery we purchase and, in particular, striving for nutritional excellence in all our pet food diets and treat products.


Wagg Foods aim is to produce pet food products that are safe, of sound nutritional value and that are consistent in quality. In order to deliver this objective, Wagg implements a range of Food Safety and Quality Systems that capture the core competencies of the Company, as required by existing customers, potential customers and independent auditing authorities.


At Wagg we don't blind our customers with science, but we care about your pet and work hard to ensure we achieve a balanced level of nutrition in all our pet diets. All our pet food products are formulated with a comprehensive yet cost effective range of vitamins and minerals to keep your pets feeling fit and healthy throughout their lives

Product development

From time to time, Wagg develops exciting new products to add to our range. Our nutritional team makes sure that our pet food contains all the goodness that is important for your pet, but sometimes we need a little extra help to make sure that the food tastes as good as we think it should. For this we invite volunteers to taste test for us. The pets we use in these tests mainly belong to our directors, staff and customers, and most importantly all our taste testers remain secure in their normal surroundings during the tests, and choose whether they want to eat our new pet food or not.

Wagg does not carry out, approve of or fund invasive animal testing.