Wagg has a history of providing support and sponsorship to worthy causes as we feel it is important to give something back to our customers and supporters.

Trossachs Search & Rescue Team (Scottish Charity No SC028266)

Search and rescue

Trossachs SAR Team has trained and operated SAR dogs since its formation in 1998. It has members who are former military and mountain rescue search dogs personnel who have contributed hugely to producing very highly skilled dogs and handlers.

In testament to their expertise our dogs, handlers and safety buddies have assisted the emergency services at a range of incidents, including -

  • Stockline factory collapse in Glasgow
  • Glen Ogle landslides
  • Search for missing fisherman at Portlethen, Grampian
  • Search for Simon McMillan, South Uist
  • Search for murder victim Joanne Nelson, Humberside
  • Search for murder victim Suzanne Pilley, Arrochar
  • Country mansion collapse, Lathallan, Polmont
  • Riverside searches (various)
  • House collapse, Callander
  • Clutha pub, Glasgow – Helicopter crash
  • Country mansion collapse, Stirling
  • Search for missing fisherman, St Cyrus

Trossachs relationship with Wagg started in April 2000 when search dog Meg won the Bravest Dog category in the WAG (Willing and Giving) Award at the Animal Health Trusts awards in York, sponsored by Wagg, winning a trophy and a year's supply of Wagg Dog food.

This relationship has been Wagg’s longest, now into the 16th year of sponsorship.

Website: http://www.trossachs-sar.com/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/TrossachsSAR
Twitter: @TrossachsSAR

Saving Yorkshire Dogs


SYD’s purpose is to provide rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of vulnerable and at risk dogs in Yorkshire. They strive to provide educational tools and support to ensure appropriate and stable dog ownership; the aim being to reduce the number of vulnerable dogs in Yorkshire.

SYD Rescue is a volunteer led, not for profit rescue that has a set of kennels in the Yorkshire Dales and fosterers in the local area. It takes in dogs from pounds, vets and the public. Once in the care of SYD Rescue, dogs are assessed, rehabilitated and rehomed with suitable families.

Website: http://www.sydrescue.org.uk

Graham Howlett & Harley Fire Investigation Officer/USAR Search & Rescue Dog Handler


Although Graham has recently retired his two Fire Investigation Search Dogs Saxon and Inca (two black labradors trained to detect the presence of hydrocarbon ignitable liquids at fire scenes) after 10 years of operational service he still carries out the role of a Fire Investigation Officer and Urban Search and Rescue Search Dog Handler (USAR) for the Fire Service.

With Saxon and Inca now taking it easy at home and earning a well-deserved rest, Graham now spends his time on training USAR Search Dog Harley, a 3 year old black labrador dog trained to detect the presence of “live Human Scent” following collapsed buildings and earthquakes.

Graham and Harley will be deployed to carry out a search of the incident ground following a collapsed building (with persons missing).Prior to any operational deployment Graham will carry out a site inspection and risk assessment, on completion of his Harley is kitted out in his harness and boots and deployed onto the rubble pile to search for missing person’s.

In the event of any person’s being trapped under piles of rubble, Harley will detect the scent and “bark” to inform Graham that live human scent has been detected and will then remain with the casualties’ until the Search and Rescue teams are deployed to carry out the rescue.

Graham and Harley form part of the National USAR response team within the UK and are available to respond to emergency call outs 24/7 365 days a year. Graham and Harley are constantly training to maintain their competences as a USAR K9 team and travel all over the country to take part in National K9 training exercises.

Graham has been training Harley for the last two years and currently have one more test to complete prior to being available to respond overseas as part of the UK-ISAR team (The primary function of UK-ISAR is to provide a team the UK Government can deploy to overseas emergencies normally involving search and rescue from collapsed structures).

Clive Gregory with Trooper & Gunner


Clive trains fire investigation dog/handler teams and maintains their efficiency with regular advancement training. He has personally trained dog/handler teams for London Fire Brigade, Northern Ireland, Cornwall, Sussex and Norfolk. Clive maintains 2 fully certificated accelerant detector dogs and demonstrates their abilities to trainee investigators from home and abroad at the Fire Service College Moreton in Marsh and GATR training facility at Wethersfield Essex. He also administers formal certification (licensing) for UK dog handler teams at the Fire Service College.

Wagg has had a relationship with Clive for many years since he introduced the very first fire investigation dog “Star” back in 1996. Since then he has pioneered dogs used for accelerant detection into the fire services of the UK and also the Swiss Police. Both of Clive’s dogs thrive on Wagg Senior as did the famous Star during his very successful working life. The youngest dog Gunner has also featured in a BBC 4 forensic science programme when he searched a massive bank and located a contaminated cigarette end hidden in a safety deposit box in a basement vault.

Lee Aspery (Fire Investigation Manager / Dog Handler) & Scrappy

Lee & Scrappy cover the North East region providing specialist Fire Investigation Search dog capability at incidents where there is some doubt as to the cause of the fire. Scrappy can search severely damaged fire scenes and detect minute traces of flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, white spirit etc up to 21 days after a fire and 1m deep in debris. Scrappy has a fantastic hit-rate; so-much-so that he was awarded an honorary Diploma by Teesside University for his services to community services and Hydrocarbon detection.


Scrappy broke his front right leg last year and underwent extensive surgery to repair the leg and get him back to full fitness. He has a large screw holding his front right elbow joint together but otherwise is fighting-fit and back to full duties. Wagg Foods responded to his injury by changing his diet to Wagg Senior which prevents the leg injury from becoming arthritic and keeps him flexible and very, very fast!