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We have some planned changes to our small animal food that will help with fussy pets.

Love your Furry Monsters?

We’ve got all the tips and advice you could ever need for caring for your pet.

Dog food for dogs

You know your dog. We know dog food. Give him something that shows you care.

Cats love Wagg

Cats can be picky eaters. Give them something they won’t turn their noses up at with tasty Purr by Wagg.

mmm... Treat time

Whether you’re training your cheeky new pup or simply giving your faithful pal a little something extra after their walkies, we’ve got just the treat.

Treat o’clock

Give Mister Paws something he’ll approve of (finally). Whether he’s learnt a new trick or learnt not to scratch your new sofa to bits!

Why choose Wagg?

Pets will be pets. They turn their noses up at clean water to drink from a dirty puddle (hey dogs!) or the kitchen tap (that s you cats). They leave muddy paw prints all over your clean floor. And they love you with all their hearts. That’s why Wagg thinks they deserve proper pet food. Feed them delicious, quality pet food at the best price.

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Amazon reviews

Outstanding value. Been using for 18 months now. Dog very healthy and energetic. Crunchy so good for teeth. Not smelly food either.

– "Hughhk1" 01/02/2017 Amazon review

Tasty food for your pet family

Beef and veg
Bunny brunch
Only the best for your pets!

Furry Monsters Book of Life!

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Wagg Real Dogs

Due to popular demand, our small animal feeds are changing to a single nugget blend. For more info visit:… WaggFoods
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